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Re: recent glob expansion breakage on Windows?


Laszlo Ersek wrote:

> Jaben reports that git-send-email is suddenly failing to expand the
> "*.patch" glob for him, at the Windows CMD prompt:
> ---------
> E:\...>git send-email --suppress-cc=author --suppress-cc=self --suppress-cc=cc --suppress-cc=sob --dry-run *.patch
> No patch files specified!
> ---------
> Whereas, moving the same patch files to another subdir, and then passing
> the subdir to git-send-email, works fine.
> I seem to have found some $^O based perl code in the git tree that
> expands the glob manually (in place of the shell) on Windows -- however,
> that code looks ancient ^W very stable, and doesn't seem to explain the
> sudden breakage.
> Is it possible that a separate perl update on Jaben's Windows box is
> causing this? Or does the breakage look consistent with a recent git change?
> Has anyone else reported something similar recently?

This reminds me of https://github.com/git-for-windows/git/issues/339.
There, Johannes Schindelin writes (about a different command):

| This is expected because neither PowerShell nor cmd.exe nor git.exe
| expand wildcards. Those examples you found were written with a shell
| in mind, and the shell expands wildcards (hence Git does not think
| it needs to).

That may or may not also apply to send-email.  In what version did it


> Thanks (and sorry about the noise; this list might not be the best place
> to ask)!
> Laszlo