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Case sensitivity when deleting a checked out branch


I came across an odd behavior in Git related to case sensitivity when deleting a checked out branch.
I was not able to find much information about it.

$ git checkout -b foo
$ git branch -d foo       # error: Cannot delete branch 'foo' checked out => this is expected, nothing happens since you are on branch 'foo' $ git branch -d Foo       # Deleted branch Foo => this is not expected, Git removed 'foo' from .git/refs/heads

Git removed the 'foo' file from .git/refs/heads, but did not update the .git/HEAD file which still contains "ref: refs/heads/foo".

In fact, everything looks like a "git checkout --orphan foo":
$ git status              # On branch foo. No commits yet (the working tree is staged) $ git log                 # fatal: your current branch 'foo' does not have any commits yet
$ git rev-parse HEAD --   # fatal: bad revision 'HEAD'
$ git fsck                # notice: HEAD points to an unborn branch (foo)

You can run "git checkout <other_branch>" to get back on your feet as you would after "git checkout --orphan foo".

The thing is, you get there unexpectedly without any warning, just with a case sensitivity mistake in "git branch -d".
Even it is seems unlikely to happen, someone ran into this at my job.

Tested on Windows 2.15.1.windows.2 and 2.16.2.windows.1, and on Mac OS (I think it was a 2.14 version).

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