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Re: [RFC] Rebasing merges: a jorney to the ultimate solution(RoadClear)

On 08/03/2018 16:16, Igor Djordjevic wrote:
> > Unless we reimplement the octopus merge (which works quite a bit
> > differently from the "rebase merge commit" strategy, even if it is
> > incremental, too), which has its own challenges: if there are merge
> > conflicts before merging the last MERGE_HEAD, the octopus merge will exit
> > with status 2, telling you "Should not be doing an octopus.". While we
> > will want to keep merge conflict markers and continue with the "rebase the
> > original merge commit" strategy.
> >
> > [...]
> The thing is, in my opinion, as long as we are _rebasing_, you can`t 
> pick any merge strategy, as it doesn`t really make much sense. If you 
> do want a specific strategy, than that`s _recreating_ a merge, and it 
> goes fine with what you already have for `--recreate-merges`.
> On merge rebasing, the underlying strategy we decide to use is just an 
> implementation detail, picking the one that works best (or the only 
> one that works, even), user should have nothing to do with it.

Just to add, if not already assumable, that I think we should stop 
and let user react on conflicts on each of the "rebase the original 
commit" strategy steps (rebase first parent, rebase second parent... 
merge parents).

I guess this stresses not using real "octopus merge" strategy even in 
case where we`re rebasing octopus merge commit even more (and aligns 
nicely with what you seem to expect already).