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Re: man gittutorial: patch proposal

1.I understood, that verbose commands are quoted in ` ' or ' '. While
the points I changed are not verbose commands. Therefore I didn't see
any sense in them. Because of the different quoting ways (e.g. `merge`),
I thought that someone didn't understand the quoting concept. But it
could also be me...

2.yes please. I will read this section.


Am 06.03.2018 um 00:25 schrieb Jonathan Nieder:
> Hi,
> kalle wrote:
>> see attachment.
> Thanks for writing.  A few questions:
>  1. Can you say a little more about the rationale for this change?
>     E.g. is the current formatting sending a confusing message?  Is the
>     current formatting intending to use '' as quotes and using italics
>     instead?  If so, should this use "" to fix it?
>  2. May we forge your sign-off? See the section "Certify your work"
>     in Documentation/SubmittingPatches for more about what this means.
> Thanks,
> Jonathan