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[GSoC] Questions about "convert interactive rebase to C"


I was reading the email related to the "convert interactive rebase to C"
idea[1], and I have a few questions about it:

> So the first goal would be to retire git-rebase--interactive.sh. For that
> to happen, --root needs to be supported first.

Combining rebase -i and --root seems to work fine, am I mistaking? Is
there still work to be done here?

> And then the
> command-line option parsing needs to be moved to rebase--helper, too.

rebase--helper was originally made for rebase--interactive, and it is
still the only script that uses it, according to git-grep.  If someone
rewrites rebase--interactive in C, why parse the command line in
rebase--helper instead of retiring it? Is there other plans that I missed?

Regards, Alban.