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Re: [PATCH v9 0/8] convert: add support for different encodings

On Sun, Mar 4, 2018 at 3:14 PM,  <lars.schneider@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Changes since v8: [...]
> Thanks a lot Eric for your great review! I think I fixed everything you
> objected with one exception. You noticed that the current code only
> checks for BOMs corresponding to the declared size (16 or 32 bits) [1].
> I understand your point of view and I agree that any BOM in these cases
> is *most likely* an error. However, according to the spec it might
> still be valid. The comments on my related question on StackOverflow
> seem to support that view [2]. Therefore, I would like to leave it as
> it is in this series. If it turns out to be a problem in practice, then
> I am happy to change it later. OK for you?

Fine. As this is not a correctness issue with the conversion itself,
but rather an attempt to detect misconfiguration by the user, it can
always be revisited later if someone comes up with a more solid
argument that one interpretation is more correct than the other.

I did leave a few review comments on v9, but I don't think any are
necessarily worth a re-roll. If anything, and if they seem actionable,
then perhaps a patch or two atop the series could address them (at
some point).