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Re: [RFC] Contributing to Git (on Windows)

Johannes Schindelin <Johannes.Schindelin@xxxxxx> writes:

>> > "What if they say my code is not good enough?"
>> Sure, though there is something implied in what is Junio is saying
>> that is useful for such people.
>> It is patience.  It is the message that if you miss a portability bug,
>> we won't be disappointed in you, and it in fact happens all the time
>> to the best of contributors.
>> If there's a straightforward way to convey that in the text, I agree
>> with Junio that it's worth conveying.
> That is not how I read Junio's statement. I read it more like "If your
> code is flawed, we'll let you know."

I think you are talking about this part?

    In fact, portability issues in a patch originally written for a
    platform is rather quickly discovered if the original platform
    is more minor than the others, so while it is good advice to
    test your ware before you make it public, singling out the
    portability issues may not add much value.

It's more like "Just like everybody else you are expected to be
imperfect, but those on list can and will help spot and fix if you
made mistakes.  Do not worry too much about things like portability
over to a system you usually do not work on."

The other side of the coin is that we are expected to be imperfect,
so even if your code is flawed, we may not even notice, so we may
not let you know.  It's mutual process in which we try to help each