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Re: Contributor Summit planning

Lars Schneider wrote:

> Thanks for starting this. I would like to propose the following topics:

Cool!  Do you mind starting threads for these so people who aren't there
can provide input into the discussion, too?  In other words, I'm

 1. Thread starts on mailing list

 2. Contributor summit: in-person presentation, discussion, etc lead to
    people having better ideas

 3. On-list thread goes really well as a result of aforementioned
    in-person discussion

Quick feedback:

> - hooks: Discuss a proposal for multiple local Git hooks of the same type.

I'd be happy to weigh in on a mailing list thread about this.  It's
also related to
which is an interest of mine.

> - error reporting: Git is distributed and therefore lots of errors are only
>   reported locally. That makes it hard for administrators in larger
>   companies to see trouble. Would it make sense to add a config option that
>   would push recent errors along with "git push" to the server?

I'm interested in instrumentation but worried about the privacy
ramifications of this particular proposal.  I'd be happy to see some
built-in instrumentation hooks (or even a standard instrumentation
approach, if the mailing list comes up with a good one that respects

> - fuzzing: Would it make sense to register Git to Google's OSS fuzzing
>   program https://github.com/google/oss-fuzz ?

Of course!

Alongside the obvious security benefit, there is money available to
support someone working on this:
https://www.google.com/about/appsecurity/patch-rewards/ clarifies that
the reward goes to the contributor, so you don't even necessarily have
to share your reward with the Git project. ;-)