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Re: [RFC] Contributing to Git (on Windows)

Hi Dscho,

Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> On Sat, 3 Mar 2018, Jonathan Nieder wrote:

>> Hopefully the clarifications and suggestions higher in this message
>> help.  If they don't, then I'm nervous about our ability to understand
>> each other.
> Okay, let me state what I think the goal of this document should be:
> 	To help Windows-based developers who want to contribute their first
> 	patch to the Git project.
> Whatever makes it easier to contributors and is easily explained, should
> go in, in my opinion.
> Wishful thinking, and philosophical considerations, should probably stay
> out.

I think this conversation has gone way off the rails.

I certainly share some blame for that: in
I let my emotions get the better of me and let my bafflement show
instead of focusing on my gratitude for the context and clarifications
you were providing.  And I am grateful for those.

What went wrong is that I somehow turned it into a debate.  That's not
the point of a patch review.  After all, we have the same goals for
this document!  So I am happy to continue to work with Derrick Stolee
(and anyone else interested) on whatever improvements he would like to
pursue, but I am going to bow out of the arguing with you part, if
that's okay.