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Re: Contributor Summit planning

On Sat, Mar 03 2018, Jeff King jotted:

> Feel free to reply to this thread if you want to make plans or discuss
> any proposed topics before the summit. Input or questions from
> non-attendees is welcome here.


Last year we discussed the general topic of performance. That's of
course very general, and can touch multiple unrelated areas of git
(worktree 'status' performance, all things protocol, storing big
objects, graph traversal, etc.).

No doubt others will propose other topics we'd want to carve out into
their own discussions (e.g. I'm expecting the v2 protocol to be one such
topic), but it'll be nice to have something that brings everyone
up-to-date on what the status is for purposes of coordination &


I doubt many are interested in these as topics during the contributor
summit (but will propose them on the board if others care), but I have a
couple of things that touch quite a lot of things that I'm going to get
around to working on (or have in some WIP state):

 - PCRE-ification & PCRE convert:

   a) Use the interface recently added to PCRE to use it also for basic &
      extended POSIX regexps. This speeds things up a lot

   b) See if we can use PCRE (or at least extended regexp) consistently in
      the rest of git via single interface. Relevant code:

      git grep '\b(regcomp|regexec)\b' -- '*.[ch]'

   c) Maybe if we like a) && b) enough for performance reasons we'd be
     happy to make PCRE a hard dependency, and would then ship with a
     compat/pcre2 (~80k lines) instead of the current ancient (and hard
     to update) compat/regex/* (~10k lines).

 - Adding the ability to optionally read a .gitconfig shipped with the
   repo, see