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Re: [PATCH] git.el: handle default excludesfile properly

Dorab Patel <dorabpatel@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Looking deeper into how the function git-get-exclude-files is used, I
> see that it is only being called from git-run-ls-files-with-excludes.
> So, perhaps, a better (or additional) fix might be to add the
> parameter "--exclude-standard" in the call to git-run-ls-files from
> within git-run-ls-files-with-excludes. And remove the need for
> get-get-exclude-files altogether.

It is absolutely the right thing to depend on --exclude-standard, I
would think, so that we do not have to worry about details like XDG
paths and such.  Thanks for working that out between both of you.

Having said that, I am sorry to say that I am not sure if the copy
we have is the one to be patched, so I would appreciate if Alexandre
(cc'ed) can clarify the situation.  The last change done to our copy
of the script is from 2012, and I do not know if Alexandre is still
taking care of it here but the script is so perfect that there was
no need to update it for the past 5 years and we haven't seen an
update, or the caninical copy is now being maintained elsewhere and
we only have a stale copy, or what.