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Re: [RFC PATCH] color: respect the $NO_COLOR convention

"brian m. carlson" <sandals@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> As a note, turning off color can improve accessibility for some people.
> I have a co-worker who has deuteranomaly and virtually all colored text
> at the terminal poses readability problems.  It would be beneficial if
> he could just set NO_COLOR=1 in his environment and have everything just
> work.
> For this reason, I'm in favor of taking this patch, assuming it comes
> with tests.

Oh, I agree 100% the world would be a better place if there already
is an established way to turn off all colors, instead of having to
run around and setting tool specific configuration like LS_COLORS
etc. for 42 different tools one uses during one's daily life.  I
just am not getting the feeling this no-color.org's effort is the
one.  We already have a way specific to our project already (i.e.
configuration variables), so if we adopt NO_COLOR but other people
do not universally support it (and they support something else),
we'd end up having to maintain yet another knob that only a handful
of projects understand forever, and that is where my reluctance
comes from.