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Contributor Summit planning

The Git Merge Contributor Summit is scheduled for this coming Wednesday,
March 7th, in Barcelona.

If you're not registered, there are still one or two slots left for
last-minute attendees. Please email me if you're interested.

As in past years, I plan to run it like an unconference. Attendees are
expected to bring topics for group discussion. Short presentations are
also welcome. We'll put the topics on a whiteboard in the morning, and
pick whichever ones people are interested in.

Feel free to reply to this thread if you want to make plans or discuss
any proposed topics before the summit. Input or questions from
non-attendees is welcome here.

The rest of this email is all logistics for attendees, so if you're not
coming, you can stop reading. :)

There should be breakfast available in the contributor summit room
starting at 9am, so plan to get there around then, mingle and eat, and
then we'll start in earnest at 10am.

Registration is at the main Git Merge event space (Convent dels Àngels
at MACBA), and then our contributor summit space is across the street.
So go to the main registration first, and then signs and clueful staff
should be able to point you to the contributor summit room.

We have the space until 5pm, so we'll go until then or until we run out
of stuff to say, whichever comes first. Lunch will be served in the
room, and we'll probably take a few informal breaks during the day.

After we finish for the day, there are a few other events. Bitbucket is
hosting drinks and discussion from 5:30-7:30pm, open to all Git Merge
attendees (not just contributor summit people). Details and RSVP at:


Microsoft is sponsoring a dinner that evening at 8pm for just
contributor summit attendees. Details will be provided at the summit.

I look forward to seeing everybody there!