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Re: [PATCH 1/2] ref-filter: mark a file-local symbol as static

Ramsay Jones <ramsay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Junio, do you want me to re-roll, or would you mind tweaking the
> commit message while queueing?

Perfect timing ;-)  I was about to get to these two patches.  Here
is what is queued.

commit 2d7cb07e3718d0af6547e2abb35f9cff9b10c1f5
Author: Ramsay Jones <ramsay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Fri Mar 2 02:54:02 2018 +0000

    ref-filter: mark a file-local symbol as static
    Commit fcfba37337 ('ref-filter: make "--contains <id>" less chatty if
    <id> is invalid', 2018-02-23) added the add_str_to_commit_list()
    function, which causes sparse to issue a "... not declared. Should it
    be static?" warning for that symbol.
    Indeed, the function is only used in this one compilation unit. Mark
    it static.
    Signed-off-by: Ramsay Jones <ramsay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx>

diff --git a/ref-filter.c b/ref-filter.c
index aa282a27f4..ed993d32d8 100644
--- a/ref-filter.c
+++ b/ref-filter.c
@@ -2000,7 +2000,7 @@ static void do_merge_filter(struct ref_filter_cbdata *ref_cbdata)
-int add_str_to_commit_list(struct string_list_item *item, void *commit_list)
+static int add_str_to_commit_list(struct string_list_item *item, void *commit_list)
 	struct object_id oid;
 	struct commit *commit;