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Re: [RFC PATCH] color: respect the $NO_COLOR convention

Leah Neukirchen <leah@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> You are right in calling this out an emerging new thing, but the
> second list of that page proves that it will be useful to settle on a
> common configuration, and my hope is by getting a few popular projects
> on board, others will soon follow.  It certainly is easy to implement,
> and rather unintrusive.  Users which don't know about this feature are
> completely unaffected.

There certainly is chicken-and-egg problem there.  Even though I
personally prefer not to see overuse of colors, I am not sure if
we the Git community as a whole would want to be involved until it
gets mainstream.

>>>  	if (color_stdout_is_tty < 0)
>>>  		color_stdout_is_tty = isatty(1);
>>>  	if (color_stdout_is_tty || (pager_in_use() && pager_use_color)) {
>> According to no-color.org's FAQ #2, NO_COLOR should affect only the
>> "default" behaviour, and should stay back if there is an explicit
>> end-user configuration (or command line override).  And this helper
>> function is called only from want_color() when their is no such
>> higher precedence setting, which is in line with the recommendation.
>> Which is good.
> Yes, I took care of that.  Should this also be tested?  It doesn't
> quite fit into the setting of t4026-color.sh I think.

It probably fits much better in t7006, I would suspect.  Earlier,
setting color.ui to auto meant the output is colored when run under
test_terminal, but with this new environment set, the output will
have to be bland.