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Re: [RFC PATCH] color: respect the $NO_COLOR convention

Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Leah Neukirchen <leah@xxxxxxxx> writes:
>> NO_COLOR (http://no-color.org/) is a comprehensive approach to disable
>> colors by default for all tools:
> The list of software that supports that "convention" is, eh,
> respectable.  Is it really a "convention" yet, or yet another thing
> the user needs to worry about?

You are right in calling this out an emerging new thing, but the
second list of that page proves that it will be useful to settle on a
common configuration, and my hope is by getting a few popular projects
on board, others will soon follow.  It certainly is easy to implement,
and rather unintrusive.  Users which don't know about this feature are
completely unaffected.

>>  	if (color_stdout_is_tty < 0)
>>  		color_stdout_is_tty = isatty(1);
>>  	if (color_stdout_is_tty || (pager_in_use() && pager_use_color)) {
> According to no-color.org's FAQ #2, NO_COLOR should affect only the
> "default" behaviour, and should stay back if there is an explicit
> end-user configuration (or command line override).  And this helper
> function is called only from want_color() when their is no such
> higher precedence setting, which is in line with the recommendation.
> Which is good.

Yes, I took care of that.  Should this also be tested?  It doesn't
quite fit into the setting of t4026-color.sh I think.

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