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Obsolete instruction in SubmittingPatches?


It seems to me that this part of Documentation/SubmittingPatches is
not actual nowadays:

  After the list reached a consensus that it is a good idea to apply the
  patch, re-send it with "To:" set to the maintainer{1} and "cc:" the
  list{2} for inclusion.

>From what I observe in the mailing list, most patches are sent with
"To:" set to mailing list (or re-sent with increasing version) , as per
previous paragraph in the guidelines [1].  Then, after the topic is
reviewed and the [PATCH v<last>] series receives a thumbs up from a
number of people, the maintainer--Junio C Hamano--replies with an email
containing something along the lines of "This change is in good
shape.  Thanks, will queue.", which makes me think that the re-send
is not actually needed.

Is this part of guidelines obsolete, or am I not understanding this

[1] "Send your patch with "To:" set to the mailing list, with "cc:"
    listing people who are involved in the area you are touching"

Best regards, Andrei Rybak