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Re: [PATCH 03/11] packfile: allow install_packed_git to handle arbitrary repositories

On 2/27/2018 8:06 PM, Stefan Beller wrote:
-void install_packed_git(struct packed_git *pack)
+void install_packed_git(struct repository *r, struct packed_git *pack)

This is a good thing to do. I'm just making note that this will collide with the new instances of install_packed_git() that I added in the serialized git commit graph series, specifically when adding the --stdin-packs argument [1].


[1] https://public-inbox.org/git/CAGZ79kYM0fHiYQ2+k5__A2hY1PeCyigYf3n9ZBJSKH8yJZOF0A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/T/#u