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Re: [PATCH 003/194] object-store: move packed_git and packed_git_mru to object store

Stefan Beller <sbeller@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I thought it may be a helpful
> for merging this series with the rest of the evolved code base which
> may make use of one of the converted functions. So instead of fixing
> that new instance manually, cocinelle could do that instead.

Having the .cocci used for the conversion *somewhere* would indeed
be helpful, as it allows me to (1) try reproducing this patch by
somebody else using the file and following the steps in order to
audit this patch and (2) catch new places that need to be migrated
in in-flight topics.

But placing it in contrib/coccinelle/ has other side effects.

I can think of two precedents in this project, namely:

 - fixup-builtins in 36e5e70e ("Start deprecating "git-command" in
   favor of "git command"", 2007-06-30)

 - convert-cache in d98b46f8 ("Do SHA1 hash _before_ compression.",

that are about tools that is useful during a transition period but
can and should be removed after transition is over.  These two were
done as one-off and added at the top-level, but perhaps we want a
new directory at the top (e.g. devtools/) to add things like this
and hold them while they are relevant?