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Re: Crash when clone includes magic filenames on Windows

From: "Philip Oakley" <philipoakley@xxxxxxx>
From: "Jeffrey Walton" <noloader@xxxxxxxxx>
Hi Everyone,

I'm seeing this issue on Windows: https://pastebin.com/YfB25E4T . It
seems the filename AUX is the culprit. Also see
https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/oldnewthing/20031022-00/?p=42073 .
(Thanks to Milleneumbug on Stack Overflow).

I did not name the file, someone else did. I doubt the filename will be

Searching is not turning up much information:

Does anyone know how to sidestep the issue on Windows?


This comes up on the Git-for-Windows (GfW) issues fairly often

The fetch part of the clone is sucessful, but the final checkout step
fails when the AUX (or any other prohibited filename - that's proper
cabkward compatibility for you) is to be checked out then the file system
(FS) refuses and the checkout 'fails. You do however have the full repo

The trick is probably then to set up a sparse checkout so the AUX is never
included on the FS.

However it is an open 'up-for-grabs' project to add such a check in GfW.

One option maybe to extend the $GIT_DIR/info/sparse-checkout capability and
add a specific $GIT_DIR/info/never-sparse-checkout file that could carry the
complement (files & dirs) options that are platform applicable (no AUX, no
COM1, no colons, etc.;-), so that it does not conflict with the users'
regular sparse checkout selection in $GIT_DIR/info/sparse-checkout. It's
probably easier to understand that way.