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Netgear X8 R8500

Hello, I’m very beginner and literally a grandma. Would like Tomatoes for my Netgear X8 R8500 router. Very misleading netgear product saying OpenVPN and had no idea about client or I would have to do all this stuff and the netgear security vulnerabilities are horrid. Was told to shut it down. I am shut dow working from my iPhone.  Been trying find a way to safely set up vpn for home with WiFi and cctv security cams plus other tv and device and need speed.  Lower cost routers don’t offer speed and x8 looked like a good choice reviews were great said vpn very misleading. Netgear support non existent.  Ddwrt is looking scary to do myself Flashrouters called me very kindly said he would help me for basic support pkg that’s 100$ and I have to pay extra for guest vpn. Have lost many devices due to being hacked all my family pics gone. Ddwrt flash routers will help understandably for a fee. Every one has the right to explore and keep the lights on. I need to make sure if I spend any more money I will actually do this right and not see tomatoes available tomorrow for my model.  Can anyone help me make the right choices with this? Please.  I’m getting real broke very quick.  (I did get a RATTrap waiting for shipment to arrive. Have a drunk neighbor outside early am trying to guess passwords with a device. They also got under my house into the att line to my phone jack tech installed. I will pay respectfully but I need to really do this quick and obviously the best right way. Thank you.


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