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Re: "git branch" issue in 2.16.1

> On 08 Feb 2018, at 09:50, Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 07, 2018 at 11:20:08PM +0100, Lars Schneider wrote:
>>> 1. You have $LESS in your environment (without "F") on one platform
>>>    but not the other.
>> I think that's it. On my system LESS is defined to "-R".
>> This opens the pager:
>> 	$ echo "TEST" | less
>> This does not open the pager:
>> 	$ echo "TEST" | less -FRX
>> That means "F" works on macOS but Git doesn't set it because LESS is
>> already in my environment.
>> Question is, why is LESS set that way on my system? I can't find
>> it in .bashrc .bash_profile .zshrc and friends.
> There's also /etc/bash.bashrc, /etc/profile, etc. I don't know what's
> normal in the mac world. You can try running:
>  bash -ix 2>&1 </dev/null | grep LESS
> to see what your startup code is doing. I don't know of a good way to
> correlate that with the source files, though. Or even to ask bash which
> startup files it's looking in.

Unfortunately, this command doesn't work for me.

I ask around and most of my coworkers have LESS="-R".
Only the coworker that doesn't really use his Mac and has
no customizations does not have $LESS defined.

Therefore, I think it is likely some third party component
that sets $LESS.

Do you have homebrew, iTerm2, and/or oh-my-zsh installed?

- Lars