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tl;dr: Is there currently a way to have fetch hooks, and if not do you
think it could be a nice feature?

I was in the process of implementing hooks for git that ensure the
repository is always cleanly signed by someone allowed to by the
repository itself. I think I've completed the signature-checking part
[1] and the push hook [2] (even though it isn't really configurable at
the moment).

However, I was starting to think about handling the fetch step, and
couldn't find any fetch hook. Is there one?

If not, would you think it is would be a good idea to add one, that
would eg. be passed the commit-before, commit-after and could block the
changing of the reference if it failed?

The only other solution I could think of is using a separate script for
fetching, but that would be fragile, as the user could always not think
about it well and run a git fetch, breaking the objective that after the
first clone all commits were correctly signature-checked.

Thanks for reading me!

PS1: I am not subscribed to the ML.

PS2: I've tried asking freenode#git, without success so far.


[2] https://github.com/Ekleog/signed-git/blob/master/git-hooks/pre-push