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BUG: On some Linux systems, "Stage To Commit" hotkey in git-gui stages one file only, even if multiple files are selected

In git-gui, multiple files from the "Unstaged Changes" widget can be
selected. Once multiple files are selected, they can be staged by
clicking (toolbar) "Commit"->"Stage To Commit". All the files that
were selected then gets staged for the commit. The "Stage To Commit"
hotkey (CTRL+T) behaves like the command itself, staging all files
that are selected (Tested on Windows 10).
However, on some linux systems (currently tested on Ubuntu 17.10),
only one file (the most recently selected) gets staged when using the
"Stage To Commit" hotkey (CTRL+T), while the other, selected files
remain unstaged.

Steps to reproduce (on Ubuntu 17.10):
- Open git-gui in a repository with two or more unstaged, changed files
- Select two or more files in the "Unstaged Changes"
- Click CTRL+T to stage the files that you have selected
(Only a single file will get staged)