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is http://git-scm.com an *official* git-affiliated site?

  i ask WRT whether it should be up to date. i'm currently writing a
number of git-related wiki pages, and i want to link to whatever are
the canonical man pages for various git commands, but that site seems
a bit off.

  if one follows a link to get here:


there is another link to the "Reference Manual" that promises "The
official and comprehensive man pages that are included in the Git
package itself."

  but upon getting there:


it seems clear that that page doesn't come close to covering all of
the available git commands.

  as an example, there is a link "submodule" on that page, which does
indeed take one to the page https://git-scm.com/docs/git-submodule. so
far, so good.

  however, while there is no link for the "worktree" command, there
does in fact exist a similarly-named web page

  finally, there is no reference to the git "subtree" command, either
as a link *or* as an existing web page
https://git-scm.com/docs/git-subtree. it all seems kind of arbitrary.

  is there an actual, canonical set of online web pages for all
current git commands one should use?



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