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Re: [RFC PATCH 000/194] Moving global state into the repository object

> Any suggestions welcome!

Eric repeatedly points out leaking memory.

As of today we do not care about memory leaking as it is cleaned
up at the end of the program anyway, for example the objects
hash table is never cleared.

In a resend I will put the infrastructure in place to free the memory via

  raw_object_store_clear(struct raw_object_store *)
  object_parser_clear(struct object_parser *)
  ref_store_clear(struct ref_store *)

and calling these functions on repo destruction. The functions
itself will be empty code-wise and contain TODO comments listing
all variables that need care.

Follow up patches can figure out what is best to do, such as closing
the memleaks. As repo_clear is not called for the_repository
we'd even keep the property of relying on fast cleanup by the OS.