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[ANNOUNCE] Git for Windows 2.16.1(3)

Dear Git users,

It is my pleasure to announce that Git for Windows 2.16.1(3) is available from:


Changes since Git for Windows v2.16.1(2) (February 2nd 2018)

New Features

  * Git for Windows' SDK packages are now hosted on Azure Blobs, fixing
    part of issue #1479.
  * Comes with perl-Net-SSLeay v1.84.

Bug Fixes

  * When http.sslBackend is not configured (e.g. in portable Git or
    MinGit), fetch/push operations no longer crash.
  * On Windows 7 and older, Git for Windows v2.16.1(2) was no longer
    able to spawn any processes (e.g. during fetch/clone). This
    regression has been fixed.
  * The Perl upgrade in v2.16.1(2) broke git send-email; This has been
    fixed by updating the Net-SSLeay Perl module.

Filename | SHA-256
-------- | -------
Git- | 27cec5113e2572d22336150afec337fc94627b330ebeec2a61b8bb447a6301ea
Git- | ad1fca7ac33326378b8be187d4595f50c72bd8ad00b277807fc091c16bd9796c
PortableGit- | bcb3ca27ae151313ab369d9f39b018129035d7fa018fa0df364424b6e22be4d3
PortableGit- | ae4cf93c391c66698856b8b38ba3a42e7fcc7141f61531562134f72b1c014f36
MinGit- | a3ee17301ef563349f9936e68beb996c747079afc883e4e40615931e032905fd
MinGit- | c46c6697906a1a85f784c7cf6e0385689ae3105bc8fe99b20c3a70ac73ab8e9e
MinGit- | 630bb6d79c9b0f64c81046208d00a41edb2540bd99a2626c5fdaf0550cdb1a9e
MinGit- | 3ff6f9e936d837d6f319bdb1ea4f0fcc9ff6bc203f9de1987538313686574f1b
Git- | c7c4f9a9205e85977475698732484c6524d8b381f03ceaf04f35bd6f89bce389
Git- | 8ed49c8008728c70e82436d8c1cafb23cb2ee1f7b01d2e97a7e626d2438a0cd1