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Re: [bug report]: error doing_rebase


On Mon, 5 Feb 2018, Bulat Musin wrote:

> Now there are 3 sequential commits, I want to squash them into 1:
> git rebase -i HEAD~2
> In editor I changed all "pick" to "squash", saved file, I got:
> error: cannot 'squash' without a previous commit

You cannot start with a squash. You have to pick the first one, then
squash the second into the first.

> However, 2.14.1 from Ubuntu's repo does the job - squashes 3 commits into 1.

It may be careless enough to do that, however, it might now have modified
the *wrong* commit, i.e. squashed the two patches *into HEAD~2*.

Please verify that your HEAD~2 is still intact and part of the rebased
history, otherwise you will have a problem.