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[ANNOUNCE] Git for Windows 2.16.1(2)

Dear Git users,

It is my pleasure to announce that Git for Windows 2.16.1(2) is available from:


The main purpose of this out-of-band release is to update the BusyBox, cURL,
Perl and Heimdal components to newer versions.

Changes since Git for Windows v2.16.1 (January 22nd 2018)

New Features

  * Comes with Heimdal v7.5.0.
  * Comes with cURL v7.58.0.
  * Comes with Perl v5.26.1.
  * When using GNU nano as Git's default editor, it is now colorful
    (shows syntax-highlighting).
  * Comes with tig v2.3.3.
  * When using Secure Channel as HTTPS transport behind a proxy, it may
    be necessary to disable revocation checks, which is now possible.
  * Comes with BusyBox v1.28.0pre.16550.0b3cdd76c.

Bug Fixes

  * When Git spawns processes, now only the necessary file handles are
    inherited from the parent process, possibly preventing file locking
  * The git update command has been renamed to git
    update-git-for-windows to avoid confusion where users may think
    that git update updates their local repository or worktree.

Filename | SHA-256
-------- | -------
Git- | 033939d276775edb17233c7f52cc5d53dcf23351eb9c5ebe0d95f13805ac6aa1
Git- | 564c8c71da3d0888e8fb153556c1e747b2fe4f4ec94d38963ae7766f61fb5cfd
PortableGit- | 82009aa70ede01da69cd2ea4ad297aeb1f58c7dd8ddddc1d85425d5246ebdf20
PortableGit- | 5886321e9d6c619c67116b23c6428afc83f2e63f4eee60f6cafa5b37364ebf04
MinGit- | 172f4ac31280895867e8ffa35f31f4aa590eef115de4cefcedef5f39cecd75b6
MinGit- | 17657f7e8c562a299cc0d854e43f348a4d7721ec6e16e24d12f0366d9a7e00fc
MinGit- | 58609edfd1ea0135c9247b89ad9fafd8270caa307a5f8d8fdccaf0456b8c8dd0
MinGit- | c7721df06fee403b340ff8083c2334dd450b929341645364c6807fdca6c6e74b
Git- | 949271e375c90f1c4a15d2cc19717d5c01cf58b66f1a06bb3de7c5f19ebba5c7
Git- | 41940a0c5eff47612b891241aa2f2edb82e8ed5d32a7f4bde79e720fcd83a960