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Git uses wrong subkey for signing commits with GPG key

I have an issue with git and signing commits with GPG subkey.

My setup:
- master key used for certification only
- subkey for my main workstation
- subkey for my mobile workstation (a notebook).

Both subkeys are used for signing only.

I've configured git to use my specific subkey however it does not
work: git config --global user.signingkey = KEYID. Every commit is
being signed using the newest subkey. I've verified the same behavior
on three systems (although with the same setup). I've tried to use
--gpg-sign=KEYID flag, but it does not work either.

OS: Archlinux
Shell: ZSH
GPG: 2.2.4
Git: 2.15.1.

Is there any other info I shall provide?