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Re: [PATCH v3 4/4] trace.c: be smart about what env to print in trace_run_command()

Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> The actual prep_childenv() code looks like it would always do
> last-one-wins, so we should treat FOO as unset in that final case. But
> that only kicks in on non-Windows.
> On Windows we feed cmd->env straight to mingw_spawnvpe().  That ends up
> in make_environment_block(), which looks like it does something similar.
> It's too bad the prep code is not shared, since then we could probably
> just ask _it_ which deltas it applied.

Yeah, but that function does a lot more than computing delta.  

It's primary point, which comes from ae25394b ("run-command: prepare
child environment before forking", 2017-04-19), is to create a full
copy of the environment, not just a series of putenv/unsetenv that
describes what gets changed, and that is done to avoid any
allocation after fork before exec in the child process.

I guess prep_childenv() could take an extra and optional string-list
to report what "deltas" it applied to the tracing machinery.  I am
not sure if that is worth it, though.