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Re: [PATCH] doc/read-tree: remove obsolete remark

Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Tue, Jan 09, 2018 at 04:30:34PM +0100, Andreas G. Schacker wrote:
>> Earlier versions of `git read-tree` required the `--prefix` option value
>> to end with a slash. This restriction was eventually lifted without a
>> corresponding amendment to the documentation.
> Makes sense.
>> ---prefix=<prefix>/::
>> +--prefix=<prefix>::
>>  	Keep the current index contents, and read the contents
>>  	of the named tree-ish under the directory at `<prefix>`.
>>  	The command will refuse to overwrite entries that already
>> -	existed in the original index file. Note that the `<prefix>/`
>> -	value must end with a slash.
>> +	existed in the original index file.
> Is it worth mentioning in the new world order that the slash is not
> implied? I.e., that you probably do want to say "--prefix=foo/" if you
> want the subdirectory "foo", but do not want to match "foobar"?

Doesn't "git read-tree --prefix=previous HEAD^" add paths like
"previous/Documentation/Makefile" to the index, i.e. instead of
forcing you to have the required slash at the end, we give one for
free when it is missing?