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[ANNOUNCE] Git London User Group: 16 January 2018

Git London User Group: 16 January, 2018

I'm pleased to announce the formation of the Git London User Group, where
Git users and experts from throughout the UK can get together to share
tips, experience and assistance for using Git successfully.

The first meeting takes place Tuesday, 16 January, 2018 at 19:00.

Extending Git through Scripting: Charles Bailey

Git is the most popular version control system in use today; it is highly
flexible and supports many different workflows.  One of its strengths is
its openness to scripting.  This talk looks at the basic principles that
support best practice for scripting Git and how to avoid some common

Building Git Tools with libgit2: Edward Thomson

Edward introduces the libgit2 framework (http://libgit2.org), which is a
portable, implementation of Git as a library.  If you're looking for more
advanced programmatic access to working with Git repositories, libgit2 is
a good option, which is why it's used by many Git servers like GitHub and
VSTS and clients like gmaster and GitKraken.  Edward will introduce libgit2
and some of the language bindings like LibGit2Sharp (for .NET) and Rugged
(for Ruby).

General Assembly.  The Relay Building, 1st floor.
114 Whitechapel High Street London, E1 7PT.

We ask that you please RSVP at http://londongit.org/.

A big thank you to the sponsors of the Git London User Group.  Bloomberg
has been kind enough to sponsor the meeting space for us to use.  Microsoft
has sponsored food for dinner.  And All Things Git (the Podcast about Git)
has sponsored meetup and registration fees.

Thanks also to Henry Kleynhans, the other organizer of the group.

Follow us on Meetup by visiting http://londongit.org/, or on Twitter at

If you're in or around London, we hope that you'll join us next Tuesday!

Edward Thomson (ethomson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)