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Please reply immediately,

Dear Friend,

I know that this message will look strange, surprising and probably unbelievable to you, but it is true and reality. I want to transfer the sum of: £35,000,000 (Thirty Five Million British Pounds) to you. THIS IS NOT A JOKE, but after reading if it does not interest you please kindly delete it. I am contacting you by the Will of God. My name is: Mrs. Sarah  Faith, I am a British business woman specialized in mining of raw Gold in Africa; but now I am critically sick with esophageal cancer which has damaged almost all the cells in my body system and I will soon die according to my doctors.

My late husband died in an accident with our two daughters few years ago leaving me with our only son whom is just 12 years old and he is my most concern now as he is still a child and does not know anything about live and has nobody to take care of him after I am dead; because I and my late husband does not have any relatives, we both grew up in the orphanage home and got married under orphanage as orphans.

 So if I die now my innocent child would be left alone in this wicked world and I do not wish to send him to any orphanage home, I want him to grow up in the hands of an individual, not orphanage. Please, i am begging you in the name of God to sincerely accept my proposal; let me instruct my bank to wire transfer my fund worth the sum of: £35 MILLION POUNDS to your account in your country immediately, then you take my son to your home and raise him as your own son.

Please reply immediately so that we can further discuss the details fast before anything happens to me.

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs. Sarah  Faith.