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Re: [RFC PATCH 00/18] Multi-pack index (MIDX)

Stefan Beller <sbeller@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Johannes wrote:
>> I think a better alternative would be to introduce a new abbreviation mode
>> that is *intended* to stop caring about unique abbreviations.
>> In web interfaces, for example, it makes tons of sense to show, say, 8
>> digits in link texts and have the full name in the actual link URL.
> And that is what (b) would solve, as it is shorter than the full hash and
> yet exact.

I still do not get it, even though I fully agree that in Web UI what
Dscho envisions makes tons of sense.  Use some short handle that
does not need to be unique inside repository to display, but have a
full information that can be used by machines.  The shortened ones
need to be unique _within_ a given todo list, to be displayed as
text to be "clicked", where the A element's href attribute that
surrounds that "clickable" text has fully unambiguous information.

And that fully unambiguous information, because it is for machine
consumption, can be a full object name without any shortening.

I do not see a need for REBASE_HEAD~$n to make it less robust
(i.e. we now need to worry about making sure it is not lost or moved
while we need it and clean it up when we are done, etc.)