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Re: [PATCH] travis-ci: build Git during the 'script' phase

SZEDER Gábor <szeder.dev@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> The reason why Travis CI does it this way and why it's a better
> approach than ours lies in how unsuccessful build jobs are
> categorized.  ...
> ...
> This makes it easier, both for humans looking at the Travis CI web
> interface and for automated tools querying the Travis CI API,...
> ...
> A verbose commit message for such a change... but I don't know why we
> started with building Git in the 'before_script' phase.

Thanks for writing it up clearly.  TBH, I didn't even realize that
there were meaningful distinctions between the two cases after
seeing that sometimes our tests were failing and sometimes erroring

> Should go on top of 'sg/travis-check-untracked' in 'next'.