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Re: Errors and other unpleasant things found by Cppcheck

From: "Friedrich Spee von Langenfeld" <stehlampen@xxxxxxxx>

I analyzed the GitHub repository with Cppcheck. The resulting XML file
is attached. Please open it in Cppcheck to view it comfortably.

Especially the bunch of errors could be of interest to you.


Thanks for the submission.

The list prefers that useful information is in plain text so as to avoid opening file types that may hide undesirable effects.

Was your analysis part of an organised scan, or a personal insight? It would help to know the background.

The project does have a number of known and accepted cases of 'unitialised variables' and known memory leaks which are acceptable in those cases.

If you picked out the few key issues that you feel should be addressed then a patch can be considered, e.g. the suggestion of the wildmatch macro (L263) that depends on the order of evaluation of side effects.