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Re: [PATCH v3 0/5] Add --no-ahead-behind to status

Jeff Hostetler <git@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I kinda trying to serve 2 masters here.  As we discussed earlier, we
> don't want config options to change porcelain formats, hence the
> true/false thing only affecting non-porcelain formats.  On the other
> hand, VS and git.exe are on different release schedules.  Normally,
> I'd just have VS emit a "git status --no-ahead-behind --porcelain=v2"
> and be done, but that requires that git.exe gets updated before VS.
> We do control some of that, but if VS gets updated first, that causes
> an error, whereas "git -c status.aheadbehind=<x> status --porcelain=v2"
> does not.  It is respected if/when git is updated and ignored until
> then.  Likewise, if they update git first, we can tell them to set a
> config setting on the repo and inherit it for porcelain v2 output
> without VS knowing about it.  Sorry, if that's too much detail.

That is not really too much detail.  

But if the above is your plan, then boolean=2 cannot merely be "an
experimental" as described in [5/5]; it needs to be carried for some
extended period of time, depending on the release schedule of the
other half of the coin.

> It is OK with me if we omit the last commit in the patch series (that
> does the experimental =2 extension) and I'll deal with this separately
> (maybe differently) in the gvfs fork.

I think that sounds more sensible.  Thanks.