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Re: Bug report: git clone with dest

On Wed, Jan 03, 2018 at 02:42:51PM -0800, Isaac Shabtay wrote:

> Indeed interesting... this one's for the books...
> Thanks for the patches. Any idea when these are going to make it to the
> official Git client builds? (specifically the Windows one)

They haven't even been reviewed yet. If they get good feedback, then the
maintainer will pick them up, then merge them to 'next', and then
eventually to 'master', after which they'd become part of the next
major release. For a pure bug-fix, it may instead go to 'maint' and
become part of the next minor release.

Right now we're entering release freeze for v2.16.0. We'd still take
fixes for recent breakages there, but given the age of the problem I
doubt it will make the cutoff. But as this is a bug-fix, it might make
it into v2.16.1.