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[PATCH v2 0/6] Minor fsmonitor bugfixes, use with `git diff`

Changes in this reroll:
 - Instead of including dir.h from fsmonitor.h, stop inlining the
   functions that made that necessary.

 - test-dump-fsmonitor sets a config variable soas to be able to
   access the fsmonitor state (after it has been un-split if using the
   split index) from the index without modifying it.  I'm least sure
   of this change, but I'm short on ideas for a cleaner

 - test-dump-fsmonitor now outputs a more concise output, with a
   trailing newline, instead of just patching over the lack of
   trailing newline on the old format.

Somehow patch 6/6 didn't get included in Junio's
av/fsmonitor-updates.  That's really the most useful patch of the
series, and the original impetus for it, as it turns out. :)

 - Alex