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Re: partial_clone_get_default_filter_spec has no callers

On 06/12/17 21:07, Jeff Hostetler wrote:
> On 12/6/2017 12:39 PM, Ramsay Jones wrote:
>> Hi Jeff,
>> commit f1862e8153 ("partial-clone: define partial clone settings
>> in config", 2017-12-05), which is part of your 'jh/partial-clone'
>> branch, introduces the partial_clone_get_default_filter_spec()
>> function without any callers. Could you please confirm that this
>> is intentional and that, presumably, a future series will include
>> a call to this function.
> I'll double check.  Thanks.
> BTW is there another tool that you're using to find these?
> I know I ran make DEVELOPER=1 and make sparse on everything
> and didn't see that come up.

In addition to sparse (which finds some of these), I also run a perl
script over the object files after a given build. (The script was
posted to the list by Junio, many moons ago, and I have made several
changes to my local copy).

I am attaching a copy of the script (static-check.pl). Note that the
'stop list' in the script (%def_ok) is _way_ out of date. However, the
way I use the script, that does not matter; I run the script over the
master->next->pu branches and (ignoring the master branch) diff the
result files from branch to branch. For example, tonight I have:

  $ wc -l sc nsc psc
    74 sc
    73 nsc
    75 psc
   222 total
  $ diff sc nsc
  < oidmap.o	- oidmap_remove
  $ diff nsc psc
  > list-objects-filter-options.o	- partial_clone_get_default_filter_spec
  > sequencer.o	- sign_off_header

You also have to be careful with leaving stale object files
laying around from previous builds ('make clean' sometimes
doesn't). Actually, it may be simpler to read a previous mailing
list thread on exactly this subject [1].

BTW, if you are using a version of sparse post v0.5.1, you can
get rid of the only sparse warning on Linux (assuming you don't
build with NO_REGEX set), by using the -Wno-memcpy-max-count option;
I have the following set in my config.mak:

  $ tail -2 config.mak
  pack-revindex.sp: SPARSE_FLAGS += -Wno-memcpy-max-count


[I haven't sent a proper patch, since the required version of
sparse is not widely available yet.]

Ramsay Jones

[1] https://public-inbox.org/git/%3Cb21c8a92-4dd5-56d6-ec6a-5709028eaf5f@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx%3E/

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