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Re: [PATCH v2] send-email: extract email-parsing code into a subroutine

Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx>: writes:

> ... throughout this patch, not limited to this section, indentation
> is strange and there seem to be many "print" that show messages that
> do not seem to be meant for end-user consumption.  I can see that
> this aspires to improve the readability, but not quite yet ;-).

Hmmm I'm wondering who place thoses print in my code !
I will fix it fast. :-)

> Also "reusable in other place" is by itself not an unconditional
> plus, until readers can be convinced that that 'other place' really
> wants to be able to call this function.  Is there some untold
> motivation behind this change---such as a planned update to actually
> use this helper subroutine?

This subroutine will be used to implement, initially a new option called
"--quote-email", but became "--cite" added after "--in-reply-to".
This will permit to the user to cite a mail and reply with a patch and keep
Cc, To ...
See discussion :

And Daniel Timothee and I wanted to refactor an other part of the file
using parse_header_line(). Near Line 1570.