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RE: Documentation Breakage at 2.5.6

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On December 6, 2017 3:49 AM, Jeff King wrote:
>On Wed, Dec 06, 2017 at 09:14:57AM +0100, Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason wrote:
>> > I'm trying to upgrade the NonStop port from 2.3.7 upward eventually 
>> > to
>> > 2.15.1 and hit a snag on documentation. The xmlto component is a bit 
>> > new to me and I hit the following error:
>Did it work before in v2.3.7? If so, can you bisect to the breakage?
It worked fine at 2.3.7. No seeming dependency on docbook at that point - it was never on my system.

>One alternative is to try to avoid docbook entirely. The only way to get manpages with asciidoc is to generate docbook and then process it, but:
I have asciidoc installed, but using it via Make?

> - you can generate HTML directly (and "make -C Documentation html" does
>  this). Perhaps not as nice, but you still at least have some
>   documentation.
Not an option. I need git help to work.

> - asciidoctor can generate manpages directly. I don't think our
>   Makefile supports that now, but it might not be too hard to hack in
>  (we already have some basic asciidoctor support). I'm not sure how
 > hard it would be to get Ruby running on NonStop
Ruby runs fine. I'm a bit out of my configuration depth here.

>And of course one final option is to generate the manpages elsewhere and copy them in, since they're platform-independent.
>In fact, that's what quick-install-man should do (you just have to clone Junio's >git-manpages repository -- see the INSTALL file).

I've gone down this path and it works. Much cleaner in fact. Dependencies of docbook (jade) are too reliant on GCC C++ forms to port to the platform - not to mention being SVN, which is culturally uncomfortable 😉

One request to Junio: Would it be possible to tag the commits to align with the tags in the main repo? That way, I can build a nice little Jenkins job to automatically fetch the correct commit for man pages when packaging up a release.