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Re: [PATCH v4 1/4] Makefile: generate Perl header from template file

Johannes Sixt wrote:

> I don't know what I tested last week; most likely not the version of the
> patch I quoted above.
> Today's version, with the tip at 5d7f59c391ce, is definitely bogus
> with its quoting. It needs the patch below, otherwise an unquoted
> semicolon may be expanded from $(pathsep). This would terminate the sed
> command, of course.

Thanks for checking! The patch that you quoted above looks like it's from
this "v4" thread; however, the patch that you are diffing against in your
latest reply seems like it is from an earlier version.

I believe that the $(pathsep) changes in your proposed patch are already
present in v4, having been caught by Johannes, so perhaps you were using
an older version of the patch as the diffbase? That change only appeared in
v4, so any older version would have had the previous incorrect quoting.

I think the reason that is necessary to remove the single quotes is not
because the ";" is terminating the `sed` expression, but because it's
terminating the entire shell stanza, causing the shell to execute two

1) {"sed" "-e" "s=@@PATHSEP@@="}
2) {"=g" "-e" "s=@@INSTLIBDIR@@=..." ...}

By including the ";" within the single-tick-protected `sed` argument, the
shell receives the entire block, "s=@@PATHSEP@@=;=", as a single string.

Also see Johannes' explanation here:

Could you apply this v4 patch series and confirm that it is working for
you? Or, if I am mistaken and your patch is correctly against this "v4"
patch series, let me know and I'll try and figure out what I'm missing.

Thanks again!