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[PATCH v2 0/9] rebase -i: add config to abbreviate command names

Hi everyone,

This series will add the 'rebase.abbreviateCommands' configuration
option to allow `git rebase -i` to default to the single-letter command
names when generating the todo list.

Using single-letter command names can present two benefits. First, it
makes it easier to change the action since you only need to replace a
single character (i.e.: in vim "r<character>" instead of
"ciw<character>").  Second, using this with a large enough value of
'core.abbrev' enables the lines of the todo list to remain aligned
making the files easier to read.

Changes in V2:
- Refactor and rename 'transform_todo_ids'
- Replace SHA-1 by OID in rebase--helper.c
- Update todo list related functions to take a generic 'flags' parameter
- Rename 'add_exec_commands' function to 'sequencer_add_exec_commands'
- Rename 'add-exec' option to 'add-exec-commands'
- Use 'strbur_read_file' instead of rewriting it
- Make 'command_to_char' return 'comment_char_line' if no single-letter
  command name is defined
- Combine both tests into a single test case
- Update commit messages

Changes in V2:
- Rename 'transform_todo_insn' to 'transform_todos'
- Fix flag name TODO_LIST_SHORTE{D,N}_IDS

Liam Beguin (9):
  Documentation: move rebase.* configs to new file
  Documentation: use preferred name for the 'todo list' script
  rebase -i: set commit to null in exec commands
  rebase -i: refactor transform_todo_ids
  rebase -i: replace reference to sha1 with oid
  rebase -i: update functions to use a flags parameter
  rebase -i -x: add exec commands via the rebase--helper
  rebase -i: learn to abbreviate command names
  t3404: add test case for abbreviated commands

 Documentation/config.txt        |  31 +-------
 Documentation/git-rebase.txt    |  19 +----
 Documentation/rebase-config.txt |  52 +++++++++++++
 builtin/rebase--helper.c        |  29 +++++---
 git-rebase--interactive.sh      |  23 +-----
 sequencer.c                     | 126 +++++++++++++++++++++-----------
 sequencer.h                     |  10 ++-
 t/t3404-rebase-interactive.sh   |  22 ++++++
 8 files changed, 186 insertions(+), 126 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 Documentation/rebase-config.txt