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Re: git-p4: cloning with a change number does not import all files

On Sat, Dec 2, 2017 at 12:55 PM, Luke Diamand <luke@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I think I've sort of stumbled across something like the problem you've
> described in the past. Perhaps the files you need have been deleted
> and then re-integrated or some such.
> Would you be able to take a look at some files with this problem and
> see if you can spot what's happened to it ("p4 changes" and perhaps
> "p4 changes -i").

Sorry, but these commands only show the date and an extract of the commit

> One thing that can certainly happen is that Perforce gets *very*
> confused if you start getting too clever with symlinked directories,
> and git-p4 can only do so much in the face of this. But it may be
> something else.

Overall, the depot history is very "messy". It contains a lot of projects. The
project on which I work has reach v5 and it has been branched from v4.
>From p4v's "show graph", I can see there was a 'main' branch at some point,
but it doesn't exist anymore.

One of the files missing from my clone only has 2 revisions and it was created
in the v5 branch. It was created at 608436 and modified at 608816. I cloned
from 610443, mainly because we added a feature branch and I want to access
it from git too (610443 is one month before the branch creation).

I will play a little bit with p4 to see if I can locate where the problem comes
from and maybe hack git-p4 to make it more verbose.

P. Rouleau