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Re: imap-send with gmail: curl_easy_perform() failed: URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL

Le 30/11/2017 à 10:46, Daniel Stenberg a écrit :
> On Thu, 30 Nov 2017, Nicolas Morey-Chaisemartin wrote:
>> This is due to the weird "[Gmail]" prefix in the folder.
>> I tried manually replacing it with:
>>         folder = %5BGmail%5D/Drafts
>> in .git/config and it works.
>> curl is doing some fancy handling with brackets and braces. It make sense for multiple FTP downloads like ftp://ftp.numericals.com/file[1-100].txt, not in our case. The curl command line has a --globoff argument to disable this "regexp" support and it seems to fix the gmail case. However I couldn't find a way to change this value through the API...
> That's just a feature of the command line tool, "globbing" isn't a function provided by the library. libcurl actually "just" expects a plain old URL.
Yep that what I figured looking a bit further in the code.

> But with the risk of falling through the cracks into the rathole that is "what is a URL" (I've blogged about the topic several times in the past and I will surely do it again in the future):
> A "legal" URL (as per RFC 3986) does not contain brackets, such symbols should be used URL encoded: %5B and %5D.
> This said: I don't know exactly why brackets cause a problem in this case. It could still be worth digging into and see if libcurl could deal with them better here...

It would make sense to have a way to ask libcurl to URI encode for us. I'm guessing there's already the code for that somewhere in curl and we would be wise to use it.
But to work wqith older version we'll have to do it ourselves anyway.