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Git stash (or git rev-parse) doesn't inherit the '--work-tree' parameter

Hello guys,

I don't know if this is a normal behavior, so I'll just explain it here.

* Behavior:

from a directory OUTSIDE my git repo, I can run this command successfully:
 $ git --git-dir=/my/repo/path/.git --work-tree=/my/repo/path pull origin master

But this one:
 $ git --git-dir=/my/repo/path/.git --work-tree=/my/repo/path stash
Will fails with :
 'fatal: $program_name cannot be used without a working tree.'
(Yes, the error message has been corrected since, but I use debian, so
I'm at least 6 month late).

* A bit of investigation:
I don't know many about git internal functioning, but with a bit of
googleing, I would point out git-sh-setup.sh:204, in function
require_work_tree, called by git-stash.
I could test (from outside my git repo, again):
 git --git-dir=/my/repo/path/.git --work-tree=/my/repo/path rev-parse

What surprise me is that 'git-dir' seems to be passed ok to rev-parse:
 git --git-dir=/my/repo/path/.git --work-tree=/my/repo/path rev-parse --git-dir

* Question
Is this a normal behavior? Stash can only be applied in current
working directory?
If yes, I'll have to change my script to
 (cd && git command)
If not, should I push a bug report somewhere?