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Re: [PATCH] Makefile: replace perl/Makefile.PL with simple make rules


Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason wrote:

> Replace the perl/Makefile.PL and the fallback perl/Makefile used under
> NO_PERL_MAKEMAKER=NoThanks with a much simpler implementation heavily
> inspired by how the i18n infrastructure's build process works[1].

Yay!  This looks exciting.

One quick comment:

>  * We don't build the Git(3) Git::I18N(3) etc. man pages from the
>    embedded perldoc. I suspect nobody really cares, these are mostly
>    internal APIs, and if someone's developing against them they likely
>    know enough to issue a "perldoc" against the installed file to get
>    the same result.
>    But this is a change in how Git is installed now on e.g. CentOS &
>    Debian which carry these manpages. They could be added (via
>    pod2man) if anyone really cares.
>    I doubt they will. The reason these were built in the first place
>    was as a side-effect of how ExtUtils::MakeMaker works.

Debian cares (see
for details).

I'll try applying this patch and seeing what happens some time this