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Re: [ANNOUNCE] Git for Windows 2.15.1

Hi Buga,

On Thu, 30 Nov 2017, Igor Djordjevic wrote:

> On 29/11/2017 14:57, Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> > 
> >   * It is now possible to configure nano or Notepad++ as Git's
> >     default editor instead of vim.
> This seems as a really nice option, as it could\should greatly help 
> Windows people in lowering friction in first encounter with Git (for 
> Windows).
> Being pretty unfamiliar with Linux and its tools at the time, I 
> remember the initial frustration in trying to do what otherwise felt 
> as a no-brain, simple and trivial task - write the damn commit 
> message after `git commit`, lol. Even had to kill the bash window a 
> few times, not knowing what to do, where it was clear it was 
> expecting something from me :$
> I later learned about vim, like getting started with Git wasn`t hard 
> enough... :) As soon as I found it being a possibility, I`ve set 
> Notepad++ as my default editor.

Thanks for this entertaining personal account!

And yes, you guessed it, I wanted this option for a long time, but never
got around to it (always hoping that somebody would beat me to it...). BTW
this installer page is probably far from done, there is a lot of room for
improvement, e.g. this up-for-grabs ticket:


(hint, hint ;-))

> That said, what is the Notepad++ as default editor option doing, just 
> setting:
> [core]
> 	editor = 'F:/Install/Notepad++/notepad++.exe' -multiInst -notabbar -nosession
> ... inside users` .gitconfig (`git config --global`)?

As you found out, it is set in the system config. There are two reasons
for that:

- the installer runs as administrator, so it cannot know for which user you
  want to configure Notepad++

- in case the user does not like the setting (as in your case), they can
  still override it in their $HOME forever.